Bluetooth saw table with router

My saw and router table that has bluetooth height and tilt adjustment. Both the Android and Arduino software was written with B4X which kept it nice and fast:

Basic for Android and Arduino

If you’d like the code please comment below and I’ll upload it.

The sawtable uses linear actuators that you can buy from ebay to raise and lower the router, and raise, lower and tilt the saw. Mostly I use the button panel for control but sometimes fire up the bluetooth app. The app lets me stand away from the button pad to make adjustments. It also has speed control through the motor drivers (L298N) to allow for finer, slower motor control.

A home built saw table allowed me to get the exact height I wanted (105cm) and also the larger work area. The total cost for this project was around $AUD500 plus the cost of the saw and the router. I already had these tools so it was no extra cost.

There are 2 files, one for the Android app that works through Basic4Android, one that works with Basic3Arduino. Please note that the Arduino board is Genuino/101

Click here for Android App files
Click here for Arduino files